How to Pour Wine Properly?


Although it is possible to drink wine directly from the bottle, there are reasons as to why many prefer to have it in wine glasses. Having wine in a glass helps you to enjoy the different flavors and aromas coming from the wine. However, pouring wine in a wine glass is an art and not many can do it perfectly at their very first attempt. These are a few tips that will help you to become a master in pouring wine in a glass.

  1. Be Prepared for a Bit of Messy – Before you start pouring, you need to be prepared to face any kind of spilling. For instance, while pouring, there are chances of spilling wine on the table. Make sure you have a napkin kept ready to wipe off the spilled wine.
  2. Practice Pouring Based on Standard Wine Pour – The standard wine pour is in the region of 150 to 180ml. In order to learn to pour this exact figure, you must practice pouring water on a wine glass. Once you master this, you can practice pouring actual wine on the glass.
  3. Start learning the No Drips Trick – Once you’ve mastered about the standard wine pour, you need to start getting used to pouring wine by not spilling. This practice will take time to master however, you can start by slowly rotating the bottle which must go away from you.
  4. Don’t Stop Practicing – All these tips will require you to keep practicing in pouring wine. Once you get the hang of it, you can truly master some expert tricks later.

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Things to Consider while Buying a Wine Online


E-commerce industry has taken over the globe. We spend most of our times online to check for deals and discounts on items to save money. Similarly, buying a nice bottle of wine has become a reality for most of us. Although, it is possible to buy wine online, you need to consider the following factors before you buy online.

  • The Delivery –Whenever you order a wine online, make sure the shipment reaches your doorstep on time especially, when the bottle of wine is for your friend or for someone special. Many websites do deliver for free when ordered above a certain amount while some companies ask for additional delivery charges for delivery. Make sure you go through the delivery options thoroughly before ordering one online.
  • Make sure you are Located in a Region to Receive your Order Via Mail – Before you make an order online, make sure that you are located in a region that allows wine shipments to be delivered. That’s because there are a few states that do not deliver the shipment due to certain rules and regulations.
  • Will someone be Available? Many delivery companies avoid delivering alcohol to either at work place or leaving with the neighbor. Make sure a member of your house is going to be at home when the delivery is to be made in case you’re unavailable.
  • Buy from a Reputable Source – There’s a small risk that the retailer turns out be unreliable. Therefore, before you order, check reviews of customers based their experience about the retailer and the condition of the package they received. This will give you clear idea, whether to go ahead with the order or not to.

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