Using Weed killer in a Safe Way

When used properly and safely, a weed killer can be a useful and important way to kill unwanted weeds and other green plants, but also potentially dangerous if not used properly or intentionally misused.

Weed killer is used by almost all gardeners and is one of the most commonly used pesticides in the world. Its popularity comes not only from its effectiveness but also the fact that it is available in various types of products such as sprays, liquids, gels, and granules.

Make sure you disperse it in the volume marked on the usage instructions. By using more weed killer than recommended, you might not increase its effectiveness but you tend to make the area unsafe longer than necessary.

These weed killer can cause to the skin disease if it comes in contact with your skin. These diseases can result in dangerous health problems like skin cancer.

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This is especially true if you use it close to the vegetation that you plant to eat. Weed killer can be toxic if swallowed so that minimizing its use near edible plants can be avoided.

If possible, buy protective gloves to wear when using weeds to prevent them from coming into contact with the skin and if using a spray in a windy area it is also recommended to wear a face mask to prevent swallowing through your nose and mouth.

Weed killers are known as selective weed killers or non-selective weed killers. Non-selective means that weeds will kill all the green plants that come into contact with, whether this is weeds, grass or plants. Products like this often contain chemicals called Glyphosate or the like.

Glyphosate can be dangerous if swallowed so make sure pets and children are kept away from the treated area for the time specified in the instructions. If swallowed, try to dilute the weeds with water and then consult a doctor if there are signs of disease.