Training in Massage Therapy – Modalities Taught

Different massage modalities in practice today. However, massage therapy training is almost as diverse as the various techniques available. Most curricula require anatomy, physiology, and pathology; with standard hands-on instruction in a network of deep, sports and Swedish massages.

Variations in modalities taught in massage therapy programs depend on the school. For example, if you are looking for training in massage therapy with an emphasis on Eastern medicine therapy, there are a number of healing arts schools that offer advanced and additional training in massage therapy including practical instruction in Thai massage, Oriental massage, Tuina, acupressure / Shiatsu and meridian therapy. You can browse to know more about massage therapy.

Students who are looking for more clinical training in massage therapy find that there are several massage programs that provide comprehensive training in hydrotherapy, trigger points, craniofacial therapy, myofascial release; geriatric, prenatal, and baby massage; and lymphatic drainage, among others.

Certified massage therapists who have received comprehensive instruction in this therapy often qualify to work in hospitals, medical clinics, physical therapy clinics, sports events, health resorts, cruise ships, spas, and other related health facilities.

There is also massage therapy training for the seriously ill. Patients with terminal conditions respond well to therapeutic touch therapy and feel effective in relieving anxiety, musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, and other symptoms. Certified massage therapists who have received training in massage therapy for seriously ill jobs in hospitals, nursing homes, and as health practitioners at home.

Swedish Massage – Best Way To Achieve Relaxation

Swedish massage is the most common form of relaxation massage offering many relaxing as well as healing properties to your body.

Swedish massage combines the use of long strokes, kneading and friction techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body causing a variety of benefits to your body to help it to heal itself. If you are looking for Deep Swedish Massage then, you can browse

There are many different styles in this technique of massage. There is the percussion which involves the rapid tapping of the therapist's hands on the muscle much like one would play the drums.

It is this technique that is highly popularized through commercialization and television. There is the friction technique which involves the fingertips and palms of the massage giver's hands.

This uses a lot of rubbing and pushing on the muscles in order to relieve the tension. Then there is the technique of the petrissage. This is where the therapist would use their hands to knead the muscle tension out much like one would do when they are working with bread dough.

Squeezing and kneading to remove any lumps or impurities from the muscle to make it smooth and functional again. There is the technique of effleurage in which the masseur would gently rub the muscle using only the palms and fingertips of their hands to achieve the success that you so desperately want.