Inbound Marketing Is A Clever Way Of Growing Your Business

These days, a new technique is revolutionizing how businesses market their products. It is known as Inbound Marketing.

Now, let's talk about what Inbound Marketing is, how it's changing the face of traditional or outbound marketing, and why you should be interested in it. If you want to know more about inbound marketing, you can refer to

Outbound advertising or classic marketing is a means in which businesses go out and find customers. It's a push strategy. Outbound entrepreneurs mainly embrace two approaches:

  • They set out ads on billboards, television, print media, etc. for people to see.
  • They also actively reach out to people by making cold calls, sending direct emails, etc.. These are techniques which are interruptive in nature.

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Not everybody enjoys disturbance

Remember how you've received calls from entrepreneurs while you were attending that barbarous assembly, or that advertisement that arrived on TV just before the climax of this movie was about to get started? What was your response to these interruptions?

I remember having blacklisted a financial services company because a sneaky cold caller from its office called me thrice in a single day, and eventually got really upset because I couldn't speak to her since I was on a company tour!

Obviously, only a handful of those who get these calls or see the ads actually keep in mind the goods and purchase it.

Outbound advertising depends upon purchases made by a small fraction of people who view the ads or receive such calls. This results in wastage of the cash spent in reaching out to folks who aren't interested.