Church Media – How to Use It to Reach More and More People for Christ

Church media is becoming an increasingly important part of our church culture. The 21st century is dominated by television, movies, music, and the internet.

All of these influences are having an effect on our lives and thoughts. It is very easy to let media run our lives, but we need to be careful to guard ourselves against the forces of evil.

Whether you like all of the technology or not, media is here to stay, so it is up to Christians to utilize media to reach this world for Christ. You can checkout to know more about church services.

Media is a tool just like anything else. It can be used for evil or for good. As Christians, there are many ways we can use church media to help evangelize the lost. Have a movie night at the church where you show a Christian movie.

At the time of this writing, Courageous is in many movie theaters across America. Many people will see it in the movie theaters, but not everyone is going to see it there. Schedule a night where members of the church can invite non-Christians to a movie night at the church.

You could make it even less intimidating by having the movie night at a location other than the church. Many people who aren't Christians will go to a movie night even if you are watching a Christian movie.

Some of the best church media today comes in the form of awesome Christian music. There are many Christian and praise bands that don't get much exposure in the secular world. Christian concerts happen all over the country, so invite your non-Christian friends out to a concert with a rockin' Christian band! Most Christian concerts include a time for a Gospel message to reach out to the unbelievers in the audience.